Subscription Benefits

  • A New Story Every Day

    Stories with different themes are published from Monday to Friday.

  • Helpful Study Tools

    Each story has study tools: a quiz, MP3 file, printable book, and text-only document.

  • Curriculum with Levels

    Learners follow a curriculum and progress through levels 1-9.

  • Add up to Three Children

    One account is for four users: the parent user plus up to three child users. (Only one user can log in at a time.)

  • Track and Analyze Progress

    The Learning Log helps parents track each child user's progress.

  • Two Platforms at One Fee

    Subscribers have full access to the Little Fox - Animated Stories and Songs app at no additional fee.

Subscriptions are valid for PC and our free mobile app. The app must be installed for use on mobile devices.
The Little Fox app is supported on devices using Android 6.0 or later, or iOS 10.0 or later.

If you wish to use the Little Fox app, please download the app from the app store to make sure it works properly on your device before purchasing a Little Fox subscription.

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